“I don’t wear my sunglasses
at night, but that’s when
I do my laundry.”
“My appliances now speak
the same language, and
they’re telling me
I’m saving money.”
“My appliances now
speak the same language,
and they’re telling me
I’m saving money.”
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It’s in your hands

It won’t tell you how to live. You tell it how to work. Jasmine is a holistic approach to energy saving that puts you in charge. This unique system lets you track and control how much energy you use in real time. Sound like the future? With Jasmine, it’s now. Here’s how.

Create an energy plan

You can choose from a pre-set energy plan or create your own so that your appliances turn on and off when it makes most sense.

Be in charge 24/7

With the Jasmine App you can use your mobile device and tablet to monitor energy use and control appliances from home or away. Let’s say you head out on a day of errands and forget to turn the thermostat down. No problem, you can do it on the go with the Jasmine App.

Earn Downtime Dollars

Most energy providers actually want you to consume energy outside of peak times when the prices are cheaper. Some of them even offer rebates – or what we call Downtime Dollars – for doing so on peak critical days. Contact your energy provider or give us a call, and we’ll help you find out if the energy provider in your area has an incentive program.

Budget for new stuff

In its fully configured state and when combined with a smart meter*, Jasmine can help you create savings goals and manage your progress along the way.The system also offers tips for saving money faster. This way you can budget for a new car or home – or anything else you might fancy.

It’s not magic, it’s Jasmine

Indeed, it sounds like magic to be able to turn down your thermostat with your mobile device or tablet while you’re on vacation.

Your chance to be a know-it-all

When you install Jasmine, you and your home become smarter.

It’s the opposite of hard

All you need is an Ethernet or Wifi connection to get started.