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Track energy use at each location

Reward good behavior

Incentivize customers to help you

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Break into the market and reach your goals

A custom package deal

When people ask us how many product packages we have, our answer is two times two plus infinity. It sounds complicated, but it’s easy to explain. Your residential and commercial customers can choose from two pre-packed offers. Or, you can tell us what’s important for your market, and we’ll put a custom package together.

For Residentials

Residential customers can choose from Jasmine or Jasmine Gold . The former includes everything they need to get started – the Hubb, the App and two Ploggs. The latter offers all of this plus the Jasmine Statt that allows homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems.

For Commercials

Commercial customers can choose from Jasmine or Jasmine Gold. They can also choose from a package with or without the Jasmine Statt. This package is tailored to the needs of the small business environment.

Custom Design

We can also work with you to develop a custom package. Every market is different. Yours is surely unique as well. And we’d be glad to put special package together for your customers.

The Statt is where it’s at

As you know, HVAC systems can account for the majority of any energy bill. Once your market automates their thermostats with the Jasmine Statt, your customers will start consuming energy differently.



Jasmine Gold