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Know more

Track overall consumption

Control more

Turn off or on from anywhere

Set it & forget it

Choose or create a savings plan*

*This function requires a smart meter.

Each one is qualified for employee of the month

They’re always on top of things. They’re really good at math. And they’ll never ask for a raise. Sound like the perfect
employee? Well, we think Jasmine is the perfect addition to any business. Just say the word, and these guys are
ready to join your team.

The Plogg

This goes into your wall socket, then your appliance plugs into the Plogg. Each Plogg communicates with the Jasmine Hubb. We think you’ll like them so much, we put two in every package.

Quick tip: These days, manufacturers are starting to integrate this technology into their appliances. So, just quickly double check that you actually need the Ploggs before you buy more.

The Hubb

This is where it all comes together. The Hubb, gives you the chance to turn appliances on or off, choose or create an energy plan and measure savings in real time. That’s right, you got the power!

The App

With the App you can remotely track and control energy consumption in your home. And if your business has more than one location, you can set up a Jasmine system for each one.

The Statt

This is a smart thermostat that connects the HVAC system to Jasmine. This will take your savings to the next level. And, yes, this means you can also heat and cool your business with the App. No matter where you are.



Jasmine Gold