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Track energy use at each location

Reward good behavior

Incentivize customers to help you

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Break into the market and reach your goals

A custom package deal

When people ask us how many product packages we have, our answer is two times two plus infinity. It sounds complicated, but it’s easy to explain. Your residential and commercial customers can choose from two pre-packed offers. Or, you can tell us what’s important for your market, and we’ll put a custom package together.

For Residentials

Residential customers can choose from Jasmine or Jasmine Gold . The former includes everything they need to get started – the Hubb, the App and two Ploggs. The latter offers all of this plus the Jasmine Statt that allows homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems.

For Commercials

Commercial customers can choose from Jasmine or Jasmine Gold. They can also choose from a package with or without the Jasmine Statt. This package is tailored to the needs of the small business environment.

Custom Design

We can also work with you to develop a custom package. Every market is different. Yours is surely unique as well. And we’d be glad to put special package together for your customers.

The Statt is where it's at

As you know, HVAC systems can account for the majority of any energy bill. Once your market automates their thermostats with the Jasmine Statt, your customers will start consuming energy differently. And you’ll be able to manage Demand Response much better.

Downtime Dollars

It’s been proven that an incentive program is the best way to encourage Demand Response participation. So, we coined the phrase Downtime Dollars to promote your incentive programs. Tell your customers to stop using energy during critical peak times – and start earning rewards! Let them know how your program works, how to earn Downtime Dollars and what they’re good for. And before you know it, you’ll be seeing big improvements in efficiency!

Easy opt-in

Customers can opt-in to your incentive program directly via the Hubb or the App. They can choose when and how they want to participate. For example, they can opt-in only a few or all of their appliances. Of course, the more demand response they create for you, the more Downtime Dollars they receive.

Custom program

We would of course be glad to work with you to develop an incentive program according to your market’s specific needs. And according to your individual business goals.

Managing EE and DR

Real time data is key. You know that. What you might not know is that Jasmine can help you out. By giving you the chance to engage customers and integrate a range of efficient appliances and pricing, your potential for Energy Efficiency is greater. Jasmine can help in managing Demand Response, too. That’s right – boost EE and reel in DR all for the price of one system.

Put the power in empowerment

When you give your customers choice and control, you win. When they have Jasmine in their homes they have real time information at their fingertips regarding how much energy they’re using and how much it costs. Give them the tools they need to save money by automating their household consumption. And meet your business goals.

Customers today

Service expectations have risen sharply over the past years. Customers expect customization, top quality and supreme flexibility. Utilities that are able to provide this type of service, will be the ones who will be able to look forward to a profitable future.

Connect and build

Now, you’re able to actively approach customers in your market and present them with solutions to their energy needs. Educating them about their energy consumption habits and how they can consume more efficiently will allow you to become a viable business partner.

It’s a people business

This is your chance to connect with individuals in your market like never before. Both with residential customers and small business owners. In the past, utilities could only reach customers via mass marketing. Now you can speak to directly about their actual practices and needs. It’s your chance to build trust, based on real information.

A turnkey operation

Integrating Jasmine is seamless and low cost. Shortly after you shake hands with a Jasmine rep and sign the dotted line, you’ll have access to a 360° solution that can serve both your needs and the needs of your customers.

The big picture

Aggregating Demand Response potential in the still, rather untapped, retail and small business market can mean huge value to a utility company. Plus, linking Demand Response and energy conservation together in these markets presents you with a channel for breaking into this business. Jasmine can help you do both.

We work for you

Jasmine has been a long time in the making, and we’ve put a lot of work into creating a system that’s easy, flexible and relevant for your business. We’re also there for you every step of the way. Whether you’re just getting started, need trouble shooting or would like to have tips on getting the most out of your market.


The system operates either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi access. It can operate in either a Smart or Analog meter environment. All devices are Zigbee enabled . Customers can access the system through iOS, Android and Microsoft applications. And Jasmine is certified with all the necessary institutions so that you can safely and efficiently operate according to industry norms.

Technical features

With Jasmine you can give your customers various service options. There are different modes of operation and functionality depending upon whether a Smart Meter is available. Ask us about whether StandAlone, StandAlone Plus, SmartPair or SmartPair Plus is right for you and your customers.


We use a highly secure Network Operating and Administration system to provide data and systems security protection with a Utility Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS). In sum, we do what it takes to keep the network running securely and your data protected.


Jasmine Hubb
+ 2 Ploggs + App

Jasmine Gold

Jasmine Hubb
+ 2 Ploggs + App + Statt + More