Know more

Track overall consumption

Control more

Turn off or on from anywhere

Set it & forget it

Choose or create a savings plan*

Each one is qualified for employee of the month

They’re always on top of things. They’re really good at math. And they’ll never ask for a raise. Sound like the perfect
employee? Well, we think Jasmine is the perfect addition to any small business. Just say the word, and these guys are
ready to join your team.

The Plogg

This goes into your wall socket, then your appliance plugs into the Plogg. Each Plogg tracks the energy consumption of that particular appliance and wirelessly transmits the data to the Jasmine Hubb. We think you’ll like them so much, we put two in every package.

Quick tip: These days, manufacturers are starting to integrate this technology into their appliances. So, just quickly double check that you actually need the Ploggs before you buy more.

The Hubb

This is where it all comes together. The Hubb receives all the data from the Ploggs, giving you the chance to turn them on or off, choose or create an energy plan and measure savings in real time. That’s right, you got the power!

The App

With the App you can directly access the Hubb. Via your mobile device or tablet, you can remotely track and control energy consumption in your home. And if your business has more than one location, you can set up a Jasmine system for each one.

The Statt

This is a smart thermostat that connects the HVAC system to your Jasmine Hubb. This will take your savings to the next level. And, yes, this means you can also heat and cool your business with the App. No matter where you are.

Now you’re in the know

Did you know that your business’s heating and cooling system could account for up to 60% of your business’s electricity bill? Some other unexpected charges couldmake up the rest. Even minor changes can turn into substantial savings. The App Hubb and App show you where those energy guzzlers are hiding, so you can make informed decisions. And save money.

Real time updates

At any point, you can see an overview of exactly how much energy you’re using and how much it costs. You can also see what your projected costs for that month are. That’s right, no more waiting until the energy bill comes to find out if you’re saving money.

When the price is nice

Energy prices change throughout the course of the day. Via the Hubb and App you can see an overview of past, current and projected prices. Shifting the big part of your energy consumption to those times when energy prices are lowest can make a big difference in your energy bill.*

*Taking advantage of price changes depends on which mode of operation you choose, and it requires a smart meter.

In charge, everywhere

As a small business owner, you know better than anyone else how important it is to be flexible. With the App you have the freedom to change your settings wherever you are, at any time of day. In short, you’re simply always in control.

Install the App

With the Jasmine App you can take control of all your business appliances via mobile device or tablet. The App connects you directly with the Jasmine Hubb, so you quickly see an overview of your energy consumption wherever you are.

Make a plan

The App, like the Hubb, allows you to create energy plans according to what you find important. And you can choose from pre-set savings plans or create your own. That way you can easily increase energy or money savings – or both.

On, off or auto

Dim the lights on a sunny day. Turn the thermostat down. Automate your appliances according to an different energy plan of your choice. The App lets you do all of this. And, yep, you guessed it, you can do it from inside your business or while sitting in a meeting across town.

It’s all about the competitive edge

With the Jasmine Hubb and App, you’ll be able to see at glance exactly how much each appliance is using.
Armed with this information you can quickly see in real time where your monthly costs* are and how to reduce
your energy payments. This will help keep your bottom line healthy – and your business competitive.

*Taking advantage of price changes depends on which mode of operation you choose, and it requires a smart meter.

Data Analytics

There are various ways to track and compare the amount of energy the appliances in your small business are using. This gives you a detailed understanding of how much you’re spending and why. Keep track of selected devices individually.
Compare device consumption over time.

Plan for success

Would you like to reduce your energy bills, but you’re not sure how? Then choose or create a Savings Plan and start saving money. This will allow you set savings goals and make sure you’re on track to meet those goals.

Downtime Dollars

Some energy providers will actually pay you for not using energy during certain hours on peak critical days. Directly via the Hubb or the App, you can opt in to participating in your provider’s incentive program and earn cash back rewards – or what we call Downtime Dollars.

Honestly, it’s the opposite of hard

All you need is an Ethernet or Wifi connection . The rest is pretty
much plug and play. Or should we say Plogg and play?

Put in the Ploggs

Choose which sockets should have a plug, and then plug in your appliance to the Plogg. You can add, subtract and switch Ploggs at any time.

Boot up the Hubb

Decide where you’d like to hang the Hubb and then simply turn it on. It will automatically search for your plugs and start measuring consumption.

Control with the App

Use our Apps for iOS,Android,and Windows Phone to control and monitor your business on the go.

*Apps coming soon.

Download the manual

For all the details on how to set-up Jasmine in your home, just enter your password and ID and download the user’s manual.


Jasmine Hubb
+ 2 Ploggs + App

Jasmine Gold

Jasmine Hubb
+ 2 Ploggs + App + Statt + More